Here at Plum Tree it is our role as qualified professionals to ease your child out of the home and into our sociable environment.

Whilst your child is with us it is our role to enable your child to learn and develop through their play, this includes their social and emotional skills which are essential for young children to enable them to gain a greater chance of achieving success in school and in life.

Coming to Pre School is a huge learning environment for children, they learn so much through playing with and watching others.

Positive, social-emotional growth builds the communication skills necessary for learning throughout a Child’s life. Some social emotional skills which support school readiness include confidence, curiosity, independence, self control, capacity to communicate, cooperativeness and separation.

Each child has their own Key person to help them settle into our setting enabling them the confidence to grow within all areas of their development.

Each child has their own individual Learning Journey; this is a record showing progress of their development during their time with us. You are welcome to come in and look through this at any time, as we recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents to achieve the best outcome for you and your child.

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