Hello! I’m Bernie the binman and I just wanted to give you a big welcome to the Suffolk Recycle website.

I love talking to people about how we can recycle even more. That’s why I’m so pleased to have the chance to tell you about all the things you can and can’t recycle in Suffolk. We’re doing really well with our recycling but we’re still getting a lot of unsuitable items in the recycling bin, which is causing us quite a few problems at the sorting facility. These unsuitable items can be dangerous, have an impact on the environment and ultimately costs taxpayers more money to clean up.

But don’t worry – I’m here to help you get it right!

First of all, there is some new information about bottle tops and textiles:

  • Anything smaller than 4cm, such as loose bottle tops won’t get recycled as they fall through the sorting process. However, you can recycle your bottle tops by simply washing and squashing your plastic bottles and putting the tops back on.
  • Textiles and clothes can no longer go in your recycling bin, either bagged or loose. Please donate your clothing to charity shops, or take it to your nearest recycling banks.

Find a full list of what CAN and CAN’T go in your recycling bin click here.