Dick Whittington – Barrow School Panto


Hearing that the streets are paved with gold, our down-on-his-luck hero Dick Whittington sets off to London in search of fame, fortune, adventure… and true love! But the dastardly King Rat and his band of evil ratlings will let nothing stand in the way of world domination and soon the streets of the capital are overrun with rats causing chaos and mayhem across the City.

Barrow School Pool Renovations

ESA are delighted to announce that we are fully refurbishing the swimming pool at barrow Primary School near Bury St Edmunds to give us a new base in Suffolk. The treasured swimming pool, funded and built by the Barrow village community over 50 years ago now, was in need of a major refurbishment to bring it up to 21st century standards and to ensure its use all year round.