Barrow has allotments in Mill Lane and Stoney Lane, Burthorpe. They are registered as a charity known as ‘the labouring poor of Barrow’.

The rent for an allotment is £25 per year for a full plot, £15 per year for half a plot and £10 a year for a quarter plot. If you are interested in renting an allotment please contact the Parish Clerk.

History of Allotments

Allotments have been in existence for hundreds of years, with evidence pointing back to Anglo-Saxon times. However the system we recognise today has its roots in the Nineteenth Century, when land was given over to the labouring poor for the provision of food growing.

This measure was desperately needed thanks to the rapid industrialisation of the country and the lack of a welfare state. In 1908 the Small Holdings and Allotments Act came into force, placing a duty on local authorities to provide sufficient allotments, according to demand.

However it wasn’t until the end of the First World War that land was made available to all, primarily as a way of assisting returning service men (Land Settlement Facilities Act 1919) instead of just the labouring poor.

The rights of allotment holders in England and Wales were strengthened through the Allotments Acts of 1922, but the most important change can be found in the Allotments Act of 1925 which established statutory allotments which local authorities could not sell off or covert without Ministerial consent, known as Section 8 Orders.

Contact Details

Clerk to Barrow cum Denham Parish Council

Kat Bowe
14 Brittons Road, Barrow, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP29 5AF
T 01284 811027
M 07917 509009