Summer is well and truly over (was it ever even here in the first place?) and with it comes the cold, dark months of autumn and winter, but when it comes down to it, are you really ready to face the harsh winds and freezing nights that are quickly drawing in? There’s nothing better than having a steaming cup of tea by a roaring fire while the snow falls outside, but do you have the other heating sources in your home ready for winter?

Having a reliable boiler that can heat your hot water and keep you toasty is a necessity that a lot of people often overlook in their daily lives, but one that you’ll quickly know all about if it goes on the blink!

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If you rely on a boiler or heater to heat your water and your home, it’s wise to get it serviced annually to keep things in tip top condition and ensure that you’re getting the most from your appliance. Aside from keeping things ticking over and maximising the boiler’s output, getting your boiler serviced regularly can make sure that your warranty stays valid as many manufacturers require regular servicing to keep the boiler insurance.

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Getting your boiler serviced regularly may mean spending a little bit of money every so often, but in the long run it saves you from shelling out loads of cash on big, unexpected repairs, and as well as the more practical benefits of looking after your boiler, most importantly it can end up saving lives; a faulty boiler is dangerous and it has been reported that each year around 4000 people attend A&E with carbon monoxide poisoning due to a leaky boiler.

So, this winter don’t be caught short, book your boiler service early to avoid the Christmas rush so you can stay warm and safe when it’s bucketing down outside.


Special Offer from Suffolk Oil Solutions – Get a £10 +VAT discount for domestic boiler services in January and February 2017.

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